Air Wick, the leading air freshener produced by Reckitt Benckiser, introduced a series of limited edition fragrances called "Viaggio in Italia", including the flavor "Sorrento" inspired by the Amalfi coast essences.

The idea was that after a very intense day at work, a heavy rain and the elevator out of order, she finally arrives at home, where thanks to Air Wick Sorrento, she feels like on the Amalfi coast in Italy. 

We produced two TV commercials and a social campaign for Facebook and Instagram. We shot in our studio in Morbegno, outside with chroma key, and inside the product demo and packshot. An additional location was used for the first scene.

Watermelon - Production house
Agency - Havas
Client - Reckitt Benckiser
Carlo De Agostini - Director
Barbara Bongetta - Producer
Diletta Simeoni (wave management) - Actress
Josef Ruffoni - DoP
Jacopo Cairati - Assistant Director
Gabriele Marvasi - Camera
Enzo Colli - Set designer (plants and flowers)
Lorenza Pace - Stylist
Emanuela Folini - Make up
Valentina Giumelli - Hairstylist 
Antonio D'Elisiis - Backstage
Face and Plance - Casting
22 Dogs - VFX
Jan Sutti - Sound Engineer
Luca Bertolini - Runner
Luciano Zecca - Runner