Moellhausen, a leading company in fragrances and flavors, created a set of scents based on the twelve archetypes, but... 

“What is an archetype?”

In the iconic New York, Mark from the back seat of a historical checkered cab looks at the city flowing through, giving a fascinating interpretation of what archetypes are.

"They are around us", he says looking at the people down the street on a rainy night, "They are among us", referring to the taxi driver that guides him through the night as a sage. "In most cases, we are", revealing that he’s an archetype himself.

Carlo De Agostini - Director
Barbara Bongetta - Producer
Jan Sutti - Sound, Music Composer
Jacopo Cairati - Assistant Director
Mark Thomas - Lead Actor
Thanks to: Peter Yannello (FilmCars), Samantha, Beatrice, Brenda, Theo, Victor
Watermelon - Production + Post
The Mill - Color Grading