A history of passion.

It's the 1960s, little Frank looks astonished at his father's car every time he leaves the garage. He dreams of having one when he grows up.

As the years go by, Frank grows and lives his experiences, car for him means freedom, passion, and work. Just while on duty during the deliveries as a messenger, he meets Stella at her flower shop. Between them blossoms a tender love, soon they get married and have a son named Leo.

Years later on an ordinary morning, something magic happens. Leaving the garage, Frank sees little Leo through the windshield, looking enthralled an off-road car parked in the backyard, at the same house where Frank was born and raised.

Frank has a dejavu, he sees in his son the same passion that he fed as a child. Happy thoughts run in his mind.

Years pass, times change, but the passions always remain the same.

Production notes

Autotorino is a car dealership managed by the Vanini family for three generations. Founded in the 60s in a small garage in Morbegno, a village surrounded by the Italian Alps, it is today the largest multi-brand in Italy.

A story of over 50 years full of joys and sorrows, always fuelled by the great passion for cars. A passion handed down from father to son without losing its initial purity.

In this film, we to tell the story of that child, which in a few decades has transformed his passion into a car empire.

Carlo De Agostini - Director
Barbara Bongetta - Producer
Daniele Carmosino - Sound, Music Composer
Jacopo Cairati - Assistant Director
Josef Ruffoni - Director of Photography
Antonio D'Elisiis - Grip
Manuela Parodi, Riccardo Vianello, Theo De Agostini, Michele Vanossi - Actors
Watermelon - Production + Post
The Mill - Color Grading