Bike Channel Identity
I was called to pitch for the branding of the new channel 237 of Sky Italy called "Bike Channel". 

The channel aimed both amateur and simple bike enthusiasts, mostly male aged between 25 and 65 years old. It needed to be cool, trendy, not only focused on the main cycling competitions but also in the minor classic races, lifestyle and health.

We came up with this idea of trigging the focus on the cyclist, in his emotions, his sacrifices, his passions. Bike channel is all the people who believe in cycling, not only champions. They are bike channel, I am bike channel.

The channel needed to look new and technological like the other sport channels airing on Sky, while keeping an high emotional level. Therefore we decided to shoot videos of the cyclists for the idents, and an infographic look for the OSP.

Each season of the year has a minimum of 3 idents, each one with a different typology. Here the MTB, Urban and Race. 

The audio logo is a mixture of sounds of the bike chain and a country guitar harmony. Audio by Daniele Carmosino.