Drone Stars is the first Italian TV Show that features the extreme missions of Paolo, Eugenio, and their drones. In each episode, they will face a different challenge aiming to pursue their dream to buy a real helicopter.

Visualworking, which is also their company, produced the show and asked me to curate the graphics. The brief was to be bold, loud, with a geeky look, that reflected their own personality. They needed the main title, bumpers and several infographics to explain the challenges and give to the viewers some technical information about the drone and situations. The language is quite young and wacky.
Their personality and the usage of the remote controls to pilot the drone, immediately reminded me the 80s. I proposed them a mood board inspired by the Daft Punk graphics, the arcade videogames, and the blockbusters such as Terminator and Back to the Future, with a more contemporary look. They loved it, and so the channel DMAX.

We shot on RED in my studio the main title and Simone made the CG in Cinema 4D and After Effects, here the graphic reel.