Life is full of challenges, you don't know what obstacles you face, you just have to be prepared, in this case, well shaved!

The film emphasizes the idea that if you are confident in yourself and you feel good, you can face whatever life's reserve you. Gillette helps you look impeccable.

Life is full of challenges
you never know what’s coming next
or who you could meet
Some will follow beaten paths,
others will define new ones…
It doesn’t matter what obstacles you face
you just have to be prepared.
Client: Gillette
Agency: Zooppa
Director: Carlo De Agostini
Producer: Barbara Bongetta
Audio: Jan Sutti
Editor: Jacopo Cairati
Stylist: Lorenza Pace
Make-up: Emanuela Folini
Runners: Antonio D'Elisiis, Rocco Del Nero
Actors: Raja, Enrico, Pietro, Destiny
Voice: Goldenpebbles
Special thanks: Anna (Fondazione Ulisse), Andrea (Defender), Cristian