International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Ita. Giornata della Memoria) is the first universal memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust. January 27th 1945, marked the liberation of the the largest Nazi death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland) by the Soviet troops.

On occasion of the event the Italian channel La7 proposed a special programming with documentaries, talk shows and movies related to it.

I was asked to create a 7sec bumper to be aired each break that was compatible with the channel's identity and that would remember the Holocaust under a positive perspective, more focused on the liberation than the genocide.

The barb wire typical of the death camps transforms into
a nice green plant on the arrival of some butterflies representing the liberation. The overall look is kept fresh and abstract while the colors are bright and similar to the the other social campaign the channel aired. 
The music remembers representative elements such the train and the gate at the beginning, evolving in more naturals sounds enhancing the liberation.

I worked along with Josè Guinea Montalvo on the 3D in Maya and Daniele Carmosino did the audio.


Client: La7
Animation: Carlo De Agostini
Audio: Daniele Carmosino