Alfa Romeo Giulietta is more than just a car, it's elegance, charm, uniqueness. It is the natural extension of the driver, thanks to its seamless technology. It enhances the driver and the driving experience.

I wrote and directed this film for the "Zooppa Giulietta Get going Contest" in early 2016,  with the help of my amazing troupe, friends, family and we won the second price. We had fun playing with lights and projection maps generated in After Effects on the car, to add the sense of motion in the driver's travel state of mind.

Here is Alfa Romeo's feedback:

"Here we have the so acclaimed Giulietta's perfect driver we claimed in the brief. An elegant and charming man that stands from the mass because has something more: Giulietta!
This film reflects perfectly that Giulietta is not just a car but is also part of the driver's personality."​​​​​​​

Thanks to Zooppa and its team for organizing the contest

Client: Alfa Romeo
Agency: Zooppa
Director: Carlo De Agostini
Producer: Barbara Bongetta
Actor and Projection Mapping: Simone Giorgetta
Make-up artist: Emanuela Folini
Gaffer: Alan Perlot
Sound Engineer: Jan Sutti
Grip: Massimiliano Passamonti, Jacopo Cairati
Car: Marzio e Marino Bernocchi
Location: Autogaravaglia