In Onda won the gold at EUDI Movie Festival, Bologna, Italy.

We created a promo to launch the new summer edition of the news show "In Onda" (eng. On Air), on the Italian channel La7. 

The show had a refresh - new hosts and a new schedule - but most of all for the first time it was a summer edition. The idea was that while everybody is going on vacation they are still working.

The promo features the host Filippo Facci submerged in his office while playing crosswords with the other host Natascha Lusenti, sit on a bench in a city park. She makes sarcastic questions about the situation in  
Europe and about their news show, i.e.:

Navigating dangerous waters? - Italy
Every day from Mon to Fri? - In Onda

Instead of making the underwater effect in post production, in order to have a more realistic look of the floating props, skin and hair, we decided to recreate the office at the bottom of a swimming pool. 

Client: La7
Production and post: Watermelon
Audio: Daniele Carmosino