La valigia dei sogni is a successful Tv show that brings the audience to the places where the classics movies where shot, narrating extra contents and curiosities through the voice of the people that produced the films.

The 2012 edition of the show needed a refresh to accommodate, newest films, international locations and younger audience. 

The opening sequence is a representation of the journey of the host Simone Annicchiarico through the scenens that made the history of cinema.

The different scenarios are abstracts and ironic, the new
music is more engaging but at the same keeps continuity with the previous series.

The titles feature scenes from: Il Sorpasso, Puerto Escondido, The Birds, The Untouchables, The Hustler, The Blues Brothers, The Unusual Suspects, and the Italian Comencini's masterpiece "La Valigia dei Sogni", that inspired the entire show.

Client: La7
Production and post: Watermelon