Telecom Italia continues its campaign to launch Cubovision, the new multi platform package that allows you to watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want, on your computer, your Tv, or even your tablet and smartphone.

In this cross-promo I was asked to publicize that you can watch an episode of the Tv show Leverage every Sunday on the free to air channel La7D, and that the entire series is available on Cubovision.

The concept behind the spot is very similar to Atlantide and Missione Natura, the other promos part of the same
​​​​​​​campaign: "With Cubovision the integration with the favorite shows is so high that the audience becomes part of them."

We created a sequence that seamlessly integrates original parts of the series along with footage that was shot to show the devices where Cubovision is available.

Client: La7
Production and post: Watermelon