The passing of each day turns into a routine which denies people intenseness and excitement. Escape routes should not be sought in heroic gestures, but rather in our daily dimension. 

Every day is not the same, you simply have to try hard and win over the laziness of considering them so. Days are different one from the other. It just depends on how you want to see them.

Myday Myday was screened in October 2007 during the 5th International Festival of Video Designer of Rome, and during One Vision BMW Serie 1 events all over Italy. Frames and brief have been published in the book "New Media Design" written by Alberto Cecchi.

It was released on DVD with FEFÈ Visual Magazine #6 in April 2008, Computer Arts UK issue 151, Computer Arts Projects 117.
"Myday Myday combines a seemingly ordinary storyline with extraordinary inline motion graphics". "Carlo De Agostini's short on everyday life blends reality with slick motion graphics". [Computer Arts UK #151]

"Carlo De Agostini's new short blends stop-motion, impressive motion graphics and a great storyline to bring life to the monotony of the daily routine. Everyday is not the same, says De Agostini, as he shows to great effect here". [Computer Arts Projects #117] 

Creative Director and Motion Designer: Carlo De Agostini
Director, Photographer and Stop Motion Animator: Andrea Livio
Sound Designer and FX: Fabio Fumagalli
Music: Daniele Carmosino