Serie A TIM TV is a multi-platform channel where you can watch the best Italian soccer live at a very interesting price. Besides the game, it offers pre and post game in depth contents with very influential people of the soccer's hemisphere.

They recently started to broadcast on TV rather than just tablets and smartphones, so the brief was to promote that soccer has landed at home for just 1.99 euros/game.

We shot in 18 different locations with over 30 actors, to contain the costs, the troupe was very small and during the pre-production, I tried to find locations that at a certain time of the day had a solid light to start off.
We shot on RED camera in about two weeks, then edited in Premiere, graded in Davinci Resolve and did some polishing and logo removal in After Effects.

The final commercial aired with TIM's official soundtrack but I loved so much this music only for my personal portfolio.

Client: TIM
Director: Carlo De Agostini
Producer: Barbara Bongetta
Assistant Director: Simone Giorgetta