Tim Wallet is the new contactless payment by the mobile company TIM. I was called by the agency Havas Worldwide in Milan to direct and post produce the commercial.

The idea was that people are using their wallet - a real one - as they were using a phone. A businessman waiting for the bus answering a wallet, a boy playing video games with his wallet etc. The VO at the end says, “do you know that your phone can now be your wallet?”. The extended version has an animation that explains how payments work and how to get the enabled sim card.

It was shot in 2 days between Milan and Valtellina, we used our RED camera with our new toy, the DJI Ronin
gimbal. We had to nail 3 shots per day each of which in a different location so we had to be very quick to pack up and move. We were a quite small crew but using only LED lights battery driven we were able to move very quickly. The gimbal was a life saver too, we didn’t have to set up any dolly or slider, it’s fantastic.

Client: TIM
Agency: Havas
Director: Carlo De Agostini
Producer: Barbara Bongetta
Animation: Stefano Ottaviano
Music: Daniele Carmosino