TIMvision is an Internet video on demand service by Telecom Italia in Italy. It offers television shows, movies and TV series, across multiple platforms.

On occasion of the refresh the interface both on TV, Mobile and Laptop, they asked me to create three promos showing the new features. The experience became more immersive and personalized due to a more intuitive design and a better recommendation engine. 

The idea was the following:​​​​​​​ "With the new TIMvision, the experience is so immersive that the viewer becomes part of the content itself"

​​​Each promo has an emotional intro where we see through the eyes of the viewer the different scenarios, based on the device he/she's using, followed by a more descriptive part that shows the interface while the speaker explains the features.

We develop this project in a very small team from the script to the post-production. Everyone was involved in pretty much everything, from location scouting to making the costumes.

We shot on RED rigged on a Movi PRO with Canon Cine Primes. the post was done in-house in After Effects, apart from the Dinosaur scene that was outsourced.
Client: TIM
Director: Carlo De Agostini
Producer: Barbara Bongetta
Assistant director: Josef Ruffoni
Second assistant: Jacopo Cairati
Audio: Jan Sutti