La7 and its sister channel La7d broadcast the Volley Grand Prix 2010 tournament and asked me to make the promotion and packaging of the event.

The campaign was divided in two main parts, the first aired during the soccer world cup was aimed to say only that there was a mysterious event upcoming, the second was aired three weeks before the first match and revealed that the event was the Volley Grand Prix. During the tournament there was also a weekly promo announcing all the matches on schedule, time and date.

We needed to come up with an idea that fitted La7's identity and its other sport campaigns, but being the event aired also on the sister channel La7d we needed something more light and colorful. Having only 4 players
without any opponent and supporters we decided to focus on the athletes doing their best in their official role. ​​​​​​​We added a female voice and related graphic that enhances the performance and lights everything up.
The promo and main title were shot in one day using a Red one camera and a Canon 5DII, edited in Final Cut and post produced in Adobe After Effects.

The promo published on promaxBDA daily brief on August 19th 2010.

Client: La7
Production and post: Watermelon
Audio: Daniele Carmosino